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Prolux HQ - Manchester UK

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Prolux has been used extensively throughout the North West of England predominantly within the UK psychedelic trance scene.  All gigs vary in format depending on client requirements, but usually comprise at least two projections, and full sound synchronization.

ETA - already arrived

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PROLUX_stb (under development)

Recent developments in thin client devices and network computers mean that it is no longer necessary to install bulky, power hungry base units.  Prolux are currently developing existing network devices intended for TV internet connectivity as server dependent visual generation units.

1 server can supply data to as many NCs required.

ETA - Jan 2000

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Perhaps the most exciting development in integrated display panels, and in car technology.  Prolux has teamed up with Empeg, manufacturers of the fabulous Empeg Car which is set to revolutionise in car entertainment, and set the standard for future display panel technologies.

ETA - Jun '99

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